VIOLET PET EAR CLEANER for Dog and Cat Ears 8 oz, is a Miracle Cleaning Solution and Ear Infection Medication Treatment. Guaranteed Immediate Relief from Inflammation After 1st Flush.


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as of 09/29/2023 (Details)

Violet Pet Ear Cleaner is a phenomenal ear cleaning solution that happens to be one of the best infection treatments as well. Bringing immediate and dramatic results to inflamed and infected dog or cat ears, customers often describe it as a miracle and life changing product. Violet Pet Ear Cleaner is based on decades of personal experience handling rescue animals who were often plagued with untreated, chronic ear infections. Like so many pet owners, I spent too many years and thousands of dollars trying every product out there without ever stopping the recurrence of ear problems. The veterinarian brands did nothing to stop or treat the infections, yet were sold to me visit after visit. The soothing, organic or natural products sounded good, but had zero actual long term effect on the infections. Battling ear problems with a pet is exhausting and stressful for all involved. The constant ear infections can even break down the positive interaction and trust between owner and pet. I began selling this miracle pet ear cleaner so that others may spend more time enjoying their pets and less time burdened by the finance and guilt of recurring pet ear infections. I discovered the combination of 3 simple ingredients which were literally life changing for me and the animals I rehabilitate. Follow instructions for use. Cruelty free, as well!

Technical Details

  • Immediate and dramatic results; ends chronic ear infection cycle
  • Most affordable antifungal antiseptic antibacterial cleanser per ounce
  • Guaranteed to work; replacing vet visits and antibiotics for ear infections
  • Real results for you and your pet; this cleaning solution has been perfected with decades of experience
  • 3 simple ingredients all sourced in the USA; No frivolous ingredients that dilute effectiveness

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