Violet’s Mountain


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A young beautiful sculptor living on top of a mountain of her own making. A hot billionaire surfer out to seek his fortune. And all the stuff that lies between them—her grief, her things, her mother, her family, her duty, her love—when it all shifts can she find forgiveness for the one who caused her collapse? And if she can’t ever ever leave, how can he possibly stay? __________________________ Edmund knocked quietly. “Violet?” “Go away.” “I can’t. I’m just so sorry. I had no idea. Everything was a mystery and had I known I would never have...Violet, please.” Silence. He put his hands up on the sides of the doorframe. “Please tell me you’re okay.” He leaned his forehead on the door and listened with all his heart. Silence again. Edmund’s voice broke, and he begged, “Please.” The door opened and a red-eyed Violet stood in the crack of the doorway. She didn’t look at him, wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Violet,” he begged. She turned her face to his. Her eyes were so full of pain that he said, “I didn’t mean to—I wouldn’t.” She leaned against the doorframe and with her bottom lip in her teeth said, “Mhmm,” and nodded. “You know that right? You know me, right?” She pushed forward and... ___________________________________ Violet’s Mountain—love and rescue in spite of ourselves. **This book is intended for mature audiences**

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