Virtual PC 4.0 with Windows 98


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as of 06/30/2022 (Details)

Give your Mac the PC compatibility you need. Virtual PC 4 lets you put a PC inside your G3 or G4 Mac, enabling you to run PC applications, access PC networks, share files with PC-based colleagues, and use PC-only Internet services and applications. New to this version:Improved performance. Up to twice as fast as previous versions. Improved support for Velocity Engine. Improved memory allocation that allows you to allocate up to 512 MB of RAM to the operating system inside Virtual PC without quitting the application. Larger and expandable disk images. Your PC disk image--a virtual hard disk on your Mac hard drive--grows and expands as needed (up to 127 GB) and uses only the space it actually requires, rather than a preset amount.Easier to use. Improved user interface, with scrollable windows and support for three-button mice and scroll mice. Improved Help, including integrated Virtual Disk Assistant, Setup Assistant, and an interactive help system. Runs multiple PC operating systems. With Virtual PC products, you can run multiple PC operating systems--for example, Windows 98 and Windows 2000, or two copies of Windows Me--on your Mac at the same time, and view their desktops as thumbnail images on your Mac desktop.

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