VViViD Clear Extra-Wide Headlight Protective Scratch-Proof Wet-Apply Tint Vinyl Wrap Film (60 Inch x 54 Inch Bulk roll)

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Add style and protection to your lights with VViViD Vinyl's Headlight Tint Vinyl. This easy-to-use vinyl roll is durable, lightweight and a great alternative to fixing or replacing potentially damaged lights. In addition, each sheet will keep your headlights safe with their extremely durable, scratch, grime, dirt, UV and water resistant finish. Each vinyl sheet features our air-release adhesive backing making installation easy at any skill level. The extra-wide roll is ideal for any headlight or tail light on any vehicle.

Technical Details

  • VViViD Headlight tints are designed to conform and stretch around difficult surfaces.
  • Large enough to fit virtually any size of headlight and can be custom cut to the necessary shape
  • These films have a natural air-release pattern on the backing to make installation a breeze
  • Includes XXX rolls of scratch, grime, dirt, UV and water resistant vinyl!

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