Walden Natural Sure-Fire Starters, Best for Wood Fires and BBQ Grills, 24 Pack

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The unique Sure-Fire design guarantees a long-lasting hot burn to get any fire going quickly, no matter the conditions. These handy starters transform a once tedious undertaking into a hassle-free experience. These beauties are perfect if you're looking for a reliable way to light the fire at the neighborhood bonfire or barbecue, or if you are setting out on a more rugged journey through the wilderness. If you want a foolproof fire starter that burns for over 15 minutes and gets your fire started every time, look no further.A large 5-inch flame ensures a foolproof fire every time. The large flame allows the wood to be arranged further from the starter and still catch fire. This means there is virtually no fire-making skill required to use these handy fire starters.A flat base gives Sure-Fire starters unusual stability even in harsh wind. Given the favorable properties of soy and paraffin wax mixed into one starter, Sure-Fire starters are guaranteed to stay lit, making these ideal for camping or grilling out in windy conditions. The ability to ignite full-size logs in as little as 10 minutes is one of the most notable features of Sure-Fire Starters. Rather than playing 'fiddle sticks' with several pieces of kindling, wadding up paper, or using 3-4 other fire starters on the market, you can use just one of these starters for a Sure-Fire solution. Simple, clean and easy to use, proudly made in the USA, these starters will have you saying "Why would I ever start a fire any other way?"

Technical Details

  • Made with pride in the USA by adults with disabilities. We thank you!
  • BEST USES - Fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, charcoal barbecues, chimney lighters, BBQ grills/smokers, and camping. 15-minute burn time guarantee. The days of struggling to get a fire started are over!
  • SAFE FOR COOKING - All natural, eco-friendly materials (soy/paraffin wax, cardboard and newspaper), no harmful chemicals and won't flavor food
  • ONLY 1 NEEDED - Using 1 Sure-Fire starter compares to using 2-3 of other brands (1 bag = 24 fires)
  • RESEALABLE WATERPROOF BAG - If you happen to forget your starters out by the fire, no need to worry about rain or morning dew

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