Wanderlust: Book Two of the Edgewood Series (Volume 2)

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Prepare to be taken away by Wanderlust, the second book of the Edgewood series by bestselling author Karen McQuestion.  Mallory, Russ, Jameson, and Nadia are just trying to blend in as normal teens while secretly learning to use their newfound superpowers. Everything changes when they're invited to travel to Peru under the supervision and protection of the Praetorian Guard, an organization claiming to have their best interests at heart. Seeing the trip as a challenge, the teens agree to go and help search for David Hofstetter, a man from their hometown who's been presumed dead for sixteen years. Meanwhile, the threat of the rival organization, the Associates, is always present. When knowing who to trust becomes more difficult, the four discover they can only count on each other. And when Nadia and Russ are thrown together in a fight for their lives, they realize their relationship might be headed for more than just friendship.

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