Waterless Car Wash 1 Gallon


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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

WATERLESS CAR WASHTM is our newest revolutionary soap less wash that works great on any paint surface. Waterless Car Wash Cleans, Polishes & Protects without using water and helps to keep your car clean and protected from airborne contaminants. This product can also be use on Chrome, Glass, Dashboards and door panels. Just Spray-on, Rub-in and Wipe-off. Veritas Certified Unlike other places that make false claims about their Waterless Carwash product, our claims have been verified by Bureau Veritas. The Best Waterless Carwash -- 3D Products' Professional Car Detailing If you are looking for a waterless carwash that can be TRUSTED, find the one that uses Professional Detailing Products from 3D Products. Leading car care specialists, car enthusiasts, and car collectors will not allow any other brand to touch the shiny surface of their cars if it is not a product made by 3D Products. Use it on glass, chrome, paint and more! 3D was the original inventor of the Waterless car wash 20 years ago. As a matter of fact 3D is the manufacturer behind many other waterless car wash brands out there. So why settle with anyone when you can buy the best waterless carwash on the internet and available in the market? When it comes to washing cars, water has always been an indispensable element to do the job. However, using water proved to be wasteful, inefficient, and insensitive to the environment. That is why 3D Products came up with waterless carwash. Back then no one cared about the environment but 3D always did. Please join others in the effort to save water and reduce our carbon footprint.

Technical Details

  • No hose - No bucket - No Sponge - No Mess
  • Simple spray & wipe process.
  • Quick, easy, & effective.
  • Excellent dry-wash and quick detailer.
  • Can be used on chrome, glass, dashboard, door panels, and much more.

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