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BellyBuds is a specialized speaker system that gently adheres to the belly and allows you to safely play memory-shaping sound directly to the womb. Whether it's a soothing tune or a bond-forming voice message, BellyBuds is a safe and effective first step in connecting with your soon-to-be bundle of joy. Easy to use, discreet and good on the go, BellyBuds works anywhere, anytime. Purchase Includes - 1 set of BellyBuds speakers - 2 pairs of SafeBond adhesives (approximately a 1 month supply, see instructions for proper use) - 1 audio splitter so you can listen to the same sounds as baby - 1 soft, storage pouch - 1 product code, redeemable for free digital content in the VoiceShare mobile app - 1 year replacement warranty from date of purchase Benefits for Expecting Mothers - Play memory-shaping sound to your growing baby - Help enhance early cognitive development - Portable and discreet under clothing - Compatible with the VoiceShare mobile app - Fits most music players including iPhone and Android devices - Batteries are not required SURPRISE MOM-TO-BE with a unique gift! Help support the early development of the brain and create memories. BellyBuds is the perfect baby accessory for mom, family and baby-to-be.EFFECTIVE DESIGN - The concave shape of the BellyBuds speakers ensures a clearer passage of audio into the womb. And the silicone covers dampen ambient sound so that they may be used discreetly in public. SAFETY FEATURES - Limiter switch on the speakers helps control volume. There are 2 settings to manage the level of sound. The adhesives are made from a skin-safe, medical grade hydrogel that is reusable and leaves no residue on the skin. JOIN 1,000's OF MOMS ALREADY USING BELLYBUDS TO BOND AND CREATE MEMORIES. YOUR BABY IS LISTENING!

Technical Details

  • ★ PLAY MUSIC AND CREATE MEMORIES - A baby in the womb can hear at about 20 weeks and memories start at 30. BellyBuds baby-bump speakers allow you to safely play music and messages from loved ones directly to the womb from your iOS, Android or any standard audio device.
  • ★ PERFECT PREGNANCY GIFT FOR FAMILIES - celebrate your new baby-to-be with a gift to Mom and give loved ones far and near the ability to send loving messages to the new addition to the family.
  • ★ PORTABLE AND DISCREET - Play music or messages to your bump whether you are at the office, going for a walk or relaxing at home. Our SafeBond hydrogel adhesives allow you to attach BellyBuds directly to your belly and adjust based on baby's position.
  • ★ CONNECT AND BOND WITH BABY - Use the included audio splitter so you or a loved one can listen to sounds and music simultaneously with your baby.
  • ★ COMPATIBLE WITH OUR VOICESHARE APP - VoiceShare (iOS and Android) is your bridge to connecting baby with family. Share messages, music, stories and playlists in our secure private network. Your purchase of BellyBuds also includes access to exclusive free digital content from the WavHello Studios library.

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