We Also Create False Promises


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Simmering in the midst of a quirky and prolific Nashville indie rock scene, Character riffs with a sidereal intuition of filtered rock and enigmatic sounds. Terse and bright, witty and catastrophic, rhythmic and stylish, Character’s album We Also Create False Promisesoffers an abstracted sound landscape reminiscent of a waking dream. Character is a blend of irregular rockers that reflect an extremely accomplished artisanship. William Tyler (of Lambchop, and guitarist on the most recent Silver Jews album) brings his ambient shoe-gazer wash to the mix. Ryan Norris provides keyboards while Luke Schneider (also in Lylas) hallucinates on theremin. Dave Paulson (beloved singer of The Privates) offers topiary guitar licks, while Scott Martin on drums anchors the out fit with cascading rhythms and deftly played fills. Smoothing the band’s abstract sonic imagery is the legendary producer/engineer Roger Moutenot, whose production work with Yo Lo Tengo, Lou Reed, and Sleater Kennyhas forged a reputation of both commercial success and critical acclaim. Backing the releases is Nashville’s most prolific imprint, Fictitious records, hot off the success of the Cucumbersrecent comeback and following up their highly sought after 7-inch release of Universal Records Artist The Features. Assembled in the creative nexus of the post-modern south, Character’s destiny is a subtext of surreal acetates and time shifting melodies, a fully realized mosaic of art, illusion, and the drifting shadows of acoustic undertow.

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