Wedgit Tan Mini Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window & Door Lock extends from 15″ to 25″


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as of 04/19/2024 (Details)

Windows and sliding glass doors can be extremely vulnerable to entry. With the rise in theft and home invasions, reliable, easy to install and operate locks are a must. The wedgit mini twist tight adjustable sliding window and door lock is just that. Made of high-impact, break-resistant polymer and compression tested to over 600 pounds of pressure. With adjustability ranging from 17-inch To 25-inch, the wedgit mini is ideally suited for use in single-hung, sliding windows and finally a lock designed for use on sliding glass patio doors with pet door panels installed. No other window or sliding glass patio door lock combines adjustability and the twist lock feature for a superior weather tight seal. The unique pivoting mounting system that attaches with self stick velcro allows the wedgit to be installed at a convenient height on the patio door frame so it is readily accessible and swings down out of the way for storage when not in use. Velcro attachment eliminates the need to drill into the patio door frame and permits the wedgit to be removed and reinstalled without the use of tools.

Technical Details

  • Requires absolutely no tools allowing for a super easy and quick installation
  • Compression tested to over 600 pounds of pressure
  • For use in single-hung, sliding windows and on sliding glass doors with pet door panels installed
  • Swings down out of the way when not in use
  • Easy to remove and store or use in another door

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