Wiffle® Ball: The Ultimate Guide

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It s old school and new school. It s unique and ubiquitous. It s yellow and white. It s red, white, and blue. It s one of America s favorite brands: a classic for nearly 60 years and still a fad-proof fan favorite. The Wiffle Ball remains the great equalizer, befuddling batters of all ages. It curves, zips, and zooms with a mind of its own, turning anyone into a major league pitcher. It stands alone with its eight slots of perforated perfection, distinguished by its asymmetry and unpredictability. With millions of Wiffle bats and balls sold each year, its following is unparalleled with a devotion bordering on obsession. Just ask comedian Drew Carey s manager, Rick Messina, creator of Strawberry Field, one of the country s premier Wiffle venues. Turning his neighbor s adjoining house into a press box and locker room with stadium seats and lights, Mussina set the gold standard for the backyard Wiffle field. In Wiffle Ball, author Michael Hermann, president of Wicked Cow Entertainment, and The Wiffle Ball Inc. s, brand managers, gives readers an inside look at this palatial Wiffle get-up and at the best Wiffle fields around, as well as the down-and-dirty on how in 1953 a down-on-his luck shoe polish salesman and his 13-year-old son concocted the first Wiffle Ball from spare perfume packaging, turning a plastic orb into an American icon. You ll explore The Science of Wiffle, and why a Wiffle Ball, well, wiffles. You ll also learn all the how to s: how to build the best field; how to throw the best sinker ball; and how to best tape up a Wiffle Bat. Did you know Wiffle Bats were once made of wood? You ll find out why here. And best of all, major leaguers and A-list celebs will share their fondest and funniest Wiffle memories.After all, who doesnt love Wiffle Ball?

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