Wild Photo Effects (Jewel Case)


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Turn an ordinary photo into a funny caricature! With over 40 creative photo tools you'll be able to make photos into the wildest and silliest pictures ever! Wild Photo Effects provides the simple point and click tools to create a wacky picture instantly!Special Effects: Catastrophe Tools like collapses explosions pinches and punches Global Tools like tornado wind ripples waves and blots Shrink and Deflate Tools Grow and Magnify Tools Smooth Over and Undo Tools Hooks Hammers DrillsEffects tools come in three different sizes for precision editing. You can apply the effect to the whole pictureor just to small parts of the picture.Apply just one effect or apply them all to a photo. Each effect tool is customizable.You can set the intensity to add as little or as much effect as you desire. Don't worry if you add too much of aneffect because it can be undone with the click of your mouse.Record each step and each effect to make a movie that will morph the photo from normal to wacked out. Vary the speed on the playback for a good chuckle!When you've completed your zany picture you can save it as a new picture file so your original isn't altered. Then print it email it as a final picture movie or animatedpicture.Take a snapshot of your friends or family add bug eyes and big noses and suddenly you have the ultimate tool to embarrass them! Family reunion and season party pictures will never be boring again! Create those special pictures for any photo project imaginable!System Requirements:Windows 95/98/2000/Me or XP 65 MB RAM 800x600 minimum screen resolution CD-ROM Drive MouseFormat: WIN 9598ME2000XP Genre: PRODUCTIVITY UPC: 832228002104 Manufacturer No: JC210

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