Win Your Child Custody War: Child Custody Help Source Book–A How-To System for People Serious About the Welfare of Their Child


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The first edition of Win Your Child Custody War was the first child custody book on the market in 1992. It has been revised and updated more often than any other book. Win Your Child Custody War is and expensive book, and by far the current edition is the most complete and well-written book on custody issues. Win Your Child Custody War covers more topics than any other book including: When and how the court will listen to your child's wishes. Proper support documentation for the child's choice. Your home or work computer and their lawyer. Options for reducing the cost of your case. Ways to make your child kidnap resistant, and able to contact you. Information a child must have to escape. How to prove the lies and identify the liar. Lies: theirs, yours and the biggest lie of all. Important Admit or Deny sworn statements. Identify and control your own problem behaviors. Child support: paying, collecting, and changing it. Seven Private Investigator Assignments and Final Reports. Determine who you can talk to and what you can tell them. How much money a custody case costs and when it is spent. Why and how to keep a contact log book and when to use it. Contempt of Court Filing and Answer to Contempt Charges. When and how to depose someone to get the results you need. Ten Evaluator reports, Psychological evaluations and Home studies. Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental rights and Stepparent Adoption. How to prepare for psychological evaluations and home study reports. Grounds for Involuntary Termination/Relinquishment of Parental Rights. How your case can affect your job and how your job can affect your case. Child's Affidavit of Preference or Choice of Managing Conservator example. Dangers of cell phones, email, internet, social networking, texting and blogs. How smoking, dental neglect, drugs, abandonment and abuse affect your case.

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