Winning Women’s Lacrosse

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The sport's best instruction from the sport's top coach! In Winning Women's Lacrosse, renowned coach Kelly Amonte Hiller shares the expertise that has developed some of the game's premier players, and have made her team a perennial powerhouse on the national scene. Winning Women's Lacrosse covers it all. Through expert instruction, coaching tips, and one-of-a-kind insights into the sport, you'll learn to-develop the individual offensive and defensive skills of the game,-master the specialty skills of field players and goalkeepers,-train like a champion with sport-specific conditioning drills,-sharpen individual and team execution with situational drills, and-maximize potential by making the most out of practice time.Whether you're a player or a coach, Winning Women's Lacrosse will prepare you for success at every level. Let it be your guide to championship play.

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