Xtenzi Harness For Dual 16 Pin Wire Harness XDVD8181 XDVD-8181 XDVD8182 XDVD710 XDVD-710 XDVD8185 XDVD-8183 xdvd700 Type-B


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

DUAL WIRE HARNESS 16 PIN WIRE will work with following models XDVD700 XDVD710 XDVD8181 XDVD8182 XDVD8183 XDVD8285 XDVD-700 XDVD-710 XDVD-8181 XDVD-8182 XDVD-8183 XDVD-8285 EIA color code compatible, Comes complete with wiring Color codes

Technical Details

  • Power/4-Speaker Plugs into car radio 16P Plug
  • Allows for installation of an aftermarket radio wiring and connectors
  • High quality wires premium quality wiring harness
  • EIA standard color-coded wiring
  • Durable plastic and metal materials

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