Xtreme Antigel (can 500 ml)

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Fuel additive for Diesel Truck. Contains Revitalizant® nanocomponent. Complex formula. Agent for improvement of low-temperature properties of diesel fuel. Highly effective depressing agent. Universally applied to all types of diesel fuel.

Technical Details

  • Decreases*the pour point of summer diesel fuel (#2) from -10 °С to -22 °С (from +14 °F to -8 °F); and winter diesel fuel (#1) from -35 °С to -47 °С (from -31 °F to -53 °F);
  • Universally applied to all types of fuel feed systems of diesel engines, including Common Rail and Unit Injector (Pumpe-Düse);
  • Contains cetane rating modifier, optimizes the process of fuel combustion due to the effective spraying, and provides fuel economy;
  • Due to the presence of the Revitalizant® effectively protects plunger assembly of the high pressure fuel pump from wear and wedging by ingress of moisture into the fuel.

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