Xtreme Calorie Burner! Indian to Girdwood [Blu-ray]

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This is a workout video, not just a scenic trek. Prepare to sweat and have fun! This is a virtual bike ride designed to be used with your bike / trainer, your spin bike, at home or in your classroom. No special equipment is required. Multiple audio tracks to keep things interesting Difficulty - 2/5 Length 1.8 hours Ride / Workout Description Welcome to the Amazing Indian to Girdwood bike trail. We are only 30 minutes south of Anchorage just 12 miles north of the famous Girdwood ski resort. We're joining the Dirt Divas on this adventure, a great group of mountain biking ladies who were nice enough to invite me on this ride with them. Heather and Lee Cherry are both certified trainers. Heather is a certified Nutritionist and Lee a personal trainer. Both join us in a fun and enjoyable conversation on how to make the most of our weight loss goals during endurance training while fulfilling our dietary requirements. This is an easy paced ride with several rest stops along the way. Enjoy the amazing views of the Chugach range and Turnagain Arm. This ride is designed to target our calories stored in fatty cells. With efforts in the fat burn zone, we'll be able to ride easy while enjoying the sights and conversations along the ride. But, the workout shifts on the way back. Our efforts raise as we close gaps to staggered groups, push our friends up hills and lifts efforts just for the fun of it. Enjoy this great ride with great company and amazing scenery. And have a great workout! Our Exclusive CVO Workout Technology *Cycling Video's Online one of a kind total immersion cycling solution.* Our exclusive Multi Dimensional Interface, MDI (TM) will immerse you in the ride like nothing you have ever experienced. You will be transported to a new world and will not only see, but feel the experience merging you in a 100% totally virtual experience absolutely identical to the real-world workout. *Our training videos are really easy to use!* While the workout may not be easy, you do not need to purchase anything fancy or expensive to use these video workouts. We provide formats that are universally playable on all DVDs, computers, Tablets or phones worldwide. No special trainers needed or special software. All you need is you, your bike, or spin bike, water and towels to mop up all of the sweat. Highly recommended is a heart rate monitor. *Cycling Videos Online Fine Tuned Capture Technology (TM)* CVO uses over a decade of carefully fine-tuned capture-technology that gives you the unique CVO cycling experience in High Definition and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround.

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