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Himalayan Dog Chew - yakyChurro Cheese is part of the new, USA Made, yakySNACKS line of treats from Himalayan, the renowned producers of your dog's favorite, Himalayan Dog Chew.The addition of potato starch to our original Himalayan cheese naturally makes yakyCHURRO softer and easier to chew for dogs of all ages and sizes. Our Himalayan cheese has natural enzymes that help remove plaque from your dog's teeth. The unique shape of yakyCHURRO gets to those hard to reach places between teeth. Naturally gluten and grain free, our original Himalayan cheese is made from an ancient recipe. Our carefully crafted production process removes the lactose, making a healthy treat that everyone can love! Cheese Flavor4 Pieces Dog TreatsGluten-Free, Grain-Free & Lactose-FreeMade in the U.S.A.

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  • Himalayan Cheese

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