Yosoo Sfr1m44-u100k Updated Version USB Floppy Drive Emulator -Black


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as of 10/04/2022 (Details)

Product Features: Color:Black Floppy driver with below function needed: Floppy driver with 34pin interface,and 5V DC power plug Use 2HD flpppy disk with 1.44MB capacity Format of disk:Cylinders:80 Tracks:160 Sectors/Track 18 Bytes/Sector:512 Data Transfer rate:500 kbps Encoding method:MFM Features: Capacity:1.44MB 2HD Cylinders:80 Tracks:160 Sectors/Track: 18 Bytes/Sector:512 Data Transfer rate:500 kbps Encoding method:MFM. 1000pcs partitions in usb flash drive can be used. Jumpers with function for different machines(SFR1M44-U100K not support jumpers). Panel: 8segment numbers:represent partitions number Green led:status of read and write operation USB port:connect usb flash drive Button: Left button used to rise ten-digit,right botton used to rise single-digit,press 2 button together to rise hundred-digit Operation : Format usb flash drive. 1.use built-in self-format function to format usb flash drive into 1000pcs partitions 2.use software in CD format usb flash drive under WINDOWS XP/2000,into 000-099 100pcs partitions. 3.install an emulator on computer,and format every partitions by operate driver A. 4.use emulator UFA1M44-100,plug usb flash drive on it, connect to computer,it will recognized as removabe driver A or B under WINDOWS XP/2000/7,format every partitions. UFA1M44-100 also built in self-format function. Read and write data. 1.install emulator on machine 2.install emulator on computer 3.connect usb flash drive on computer,read and write data directory by software, under WINDOWS XP/2000 4.use emulator UFA1M44-100,plug usb flash drive on it, connect to computer,read and write data under WINDOWS XP/2000/7.   Package Include: 1x USB Emulator 1x CD

Technical Details

  • This floppy drive emulator is great for electronic organ,Use normal usb flash drive as the medium for transfer design
  • Housing Material:ABS
  • 34pin floppy driver interface,5V DC power supply,easy to install.
  • Item's color might be different from the picture because of the aberration.
  • Built-in self-format function.(read relevant documents to use this function)

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