Yucca Intensive Anti-Inflammatory 2oz Btl W/Eyedropper


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as of 06/06/2023 (Details)

Yucca Intensive is an outstanding, safe, all natural supplement that is thought to promote symptom relief similar to steroid medications with none of the side effects. Yucca is a purified extract derived from the Yucca plant and has many uses including for the joints, skin, and digestion. Yucca is given internally for joint health and digestion but must be diluted before being administered.

Technical Details

  • Use topically for wound and hot spot treatment
  • Yucca Schizandra contains steroidal saponins, which are nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Clinically proven to rapidly promote symptom relief similar to steroid medications, with none of the side-effects.
  • Standardized extract contains over 85% bio-available saponins versus only 3% to 7% left in waste powder.
  • Reduces pain as well as bute and aspirin without gastric side effects.

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