Zenith Trainer Gripper from IronMind: Strength and Conditioning,size b. Zenith Trainer


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as of 05/15/2021 (Details)

Zenith complements the Captains of Crush grippers line-it is a gripper designed specifically for digital fitness and conditioning, building strong and healthy hands for the 21st century. Zenith offers a bold, new, different way to train with silky handles and a smooth ride, in a world-class package that has been hailed as much for its appearance as for its performance. The Zenith Agility offers very light resistance, perfect for rehabilitation. The Zenith Trainer, 1, 2 and 3 are easier to close than the Captains of Crush Trainer, No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, and that's by design. Perfect for standalone training or used in conjunction with Captains of Crush or IMTUG grippers, also from IronMind. Comes with complete training information, backed up by IronMind's expert, ready-to-assist customer service.

Technical Details

  • Train for strength and conditioning
  • Ergonomic handles and a silky-smooth ride
  • Good-looking, durable, and precise -- featuring billet aluminum and alloy steel construction
  • 5 different strengths, for all levels
  • Made in the USA by IronMind, the industry leader since 1988

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