Zone Tech New Driver Please Be Patient Automotive Car Vinyl Magnet REFLECTIVE


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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

This price is for ONE New Driver Please Be Patient Magnetic Signs. BLACK/RED on YELLOW REFLECTIVE MAGNETS . Alleviate the stress of driving with your beginner driver. allow other vehicles to notice you just as well at dusk and night as during the day. Once other drivers realize you are learning to drive they will give you space and respect, reducing the likelihood of an accident. These will help eliminate road rage from other drivers who aren't aware a new driver is behind the wheel and blame them for a mistake. Student driver magnets are removable and reusable. Student driver magnetic signs can easily be switched from vehicle to vehicle. MAGNETIC CARE: All magnetic student driver signs can damage your car if left on for an extended period of time. Over time condensation and road grime gathers behind your Student Driver magnet. Eliminate the chance of your reflective student driver sign causing damage to your finish or blowing off by taking it off every few days. Clean the back of magnet and the vehicle with a damp wash cloth. Allow both to dry before replacing the student driver magnets. When not in use store your reflective student driver magnets on a flat metal surface like a filing cabinet or refrigerator. The text on these Student driver signs is easy to read block lettering. These magnets will make your teen feel more at ease while driving and will reduce your level of nervousness while your teen is gaining experience. Most people will show you more respect if you make a mistake and they know you are a beginner driver than if they don't. Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service

Technical Details

  • Easily attaches to your vehicle
  • Printed with water and UV resistant inks to resist fading indoors or out
  • Magnet is approximately 7.6" wide x 4" high
  • Attaches to metal car surfaces, refrigerators, dishwashers, filing cabinets, lockers, washers, dryers and more!
  • Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service

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