Zone Tech Pack of Two 2 Inch Stick-on Rearview Blind Sport Mirrors Aluminum Border Thin Car Mirrors


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as of 04/19/2024 (Details)

Zone Tech Pack of Two 2 Inch Stick-On Rearview Blind Sport Mirrors Aluminum Border Thin Car Mirrors Description: The Zone Tech Blind Spot Mirrors easily mount to the original factory mirror with the convenient stick on mounting. Although they can be placed anywhere you prefer they are typically place on the bottom outside corner of the original mirror. These mirrors clearly show you cars and trucks in the lane besides you and help in passing/ changing lanes merging lanes and parking. They should be standard equipment on every car on the road due to they greatly reducing the accident rate. Properties: Brand: Zone Tech Color: Clear Glass with Aluminum Rim Dimensions: 2 Inches Includes: Pack of 2 Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service

Technical Details

  • ★ The Zone Tech Blind Spot Mirror is a small investment that will go a long while! Its affordable price combined with its sleek look, safety features and premium quality make it a "must have" for drivers, taxicabs, carpoolers, teenagers or any car owner.
  • ★ The Zone Tech Blind Spot Mirror helps you avoid the dreaded and tricky blind spots. Passing lanes, changing lanes, merging onto freeways or even backing and parking the Mirrors will give you the confidence and ability to do so easily. In addition they greatly increase safety by reducing the possibilities of unfortunate accidents.
  • ★ The Mirrors are constructed out of premium quality material so that they are durable, sturdy and long lasting. They have a good viewing angle and are well made. In addition the border is extremely thin and in a classic aluminum color thereby giving it a sleeker look. Unlike the larger mirrors with the bulky black frame the Zone Tech Thin Car Mirrors won't take up a lot of space on the original mirror making it a most handy car necessity.
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