Zyllion ZMA-12-PK Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush (Pink)


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as of 07/06/2022 (Details)

When stressed, don't pull hair, massage your scalp! ZMA-12 Scalp Massager has a combination of thick, round-tip bristles and flat, fine-point bristles that gently stimulates your scalp to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Our unique scalp massager is designed with a non-slip handle that easily fits in your palm. It's made so you can safely use it in the shower - use it with shampoo to maintain a clean and healthy scalp, or use it with deep conditioning treatments for hair or scalp for an at-home spa experience - without scratching and damaging your scalp. Not to say it'll help your carefully manicured and beautifully polished nails last longer!

Technical Details

  • Unique design with 2 kinds of bristles.
  • Ideal scalp massager and brush for any age.
  • Perfect to use when shampooing to help cleanse and exfoliate the scalp.
  • Handle contoured to fit in the palm of your hand comfortably.

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