3 part AI Kit – Med/Lg Dog


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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

These Artificial Insemination Kits should contain everything that you will need to perform an artificial, assisted breeding on your own females within your own kennel. We use these same items within our professional breeding kennel for our German Shepherd dogs. This kit is to be used only with fresh collected semen; NOT frozen semen. We do not guarantee that your female will be pregnant by following these methods and instructions. (Mother Nature still plays a part in dog breeding.) To increase your chance for conception, we suggest that you do between 2 - 4 breedings.

Technical Details

  • Everything you need to perform assisted breeding
  • Everything is clean and sterile
  • Hand-packaged in a sterile environment here at Leerburg
  • Med/Lg Kit comes with: 6 Gloves, 1 Tube Lubricant, 3 10
  • 6 End Cones, 3 Centrifuge Tubes, 3 Docking Rings, and 3 - 20cc Synringes

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