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HQ: Los Angeles, CA CHECK OUT: Automatic City (THE MILITIA GROUP; FOR FANS OF: Cursive, Fugazi, Minus The Bear On Automatic City, Controlling The Famous display their ability to combine smart, belligerent math rock with huge melodies. Produced by Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, the Locust), the disc is a concept album that attempts to immerse the listener in the frenetic pace one experiences living in Los Angels, touching on a variety of desperate cosmopolitan themes involving driving, dreams and that great equalizer: death. According to singer/guitarist Max Hellmann, CTF’s goal is to "Challenge the listener, but not to a point where [the music is] unlistenable. We want something that grows organically [by] word of mouth, and something that isn’t about the latest style or moment in time. We want to make the music timeless, if at all possible." [AMART]

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