Cat1st Ninja Cat Cube (Green)#the Best Cat Toy


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as of 06/24/2024 (Details)

The skills required of the cat ninja are stealthily movement and managing confusion, and this cube is the ideal for your cat's training! They would develop techniques and strategies day by day as they play with this cube. The material, non-woven fabric, of this product is purposely and carefully chosen that according to our research, cats love small holes to play with. Show and hide a feather teaser or a small insects-like toy from a small hole your cat scratched. The most enjoyable thing about this product is breaking that there would be only few items cats are allowed to break in a house, would there? Besides we are very careful about wire not to appear even though the fabric is eventually torn. This cube gives your cat breaking-freedom as well as pop-in/out and stealthily waiting for your foot as if they wait for their target in wild life. Also you will notice that your cat cannot help through the cube as he/she is walking around. Lots of cats prefer the cube as their private room, too. The cube became a part of territory!

Technical Details

  • Widen the real nature of your beloved meowy!
  • Release from the stress caused banned fun (tearing, scratching or jumping.)
  • Connectable with other cubes and tunnels by enclosed Velcro tapes.
  • Folds down completely for easy storage.
  • Ideal for photos that makes cat's eyes with large irises when cats are inside. (Its lining is white that works as a reflector board, which achieves bright photos!) Design: KARAKUSA (Japanese Arabesque Design)

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