CRC Contact 2000 VC Precision Cleaner, 16 oz (Net Fill 13 oz) Aerosol Can, Clear

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CRC contact cleaner 2000 VC is an aggressive advanced COzol technology alternative precision cleaner designed to remove contaminants from electronic equipment. It provides an effective alternative to HCFC 141b-based cleaners when sensitive plastics are not a concern. Contact cleaner 2000 VC Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, is non-flammable and contains no class I or class II ozone depleting chemicals. Contact Cleaner 2000 VC is Volatile organic compounds (VOC) compliant in all 50 states. Recommended for the effective cleaning of light oils, dirt, dust, fingerprints, flux or polar soils from contacts, metal switches, motors, relays, generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales and sensors. Not recommended for use on Noryl or polycarbonate type plastics such as Lexan. Test on plastic substrates before using. New advanced COzol technology. Offers superior performance while complying with the EPA regulations on the use of CFCs and HCFC’s. Does not contain HCFC - 141b. Leaves no residue. Minimizes downtime associated with "clean-in-place" cleaning methods. High purity formula. Chemically stable and non-conductive. No flash point. Significantly reduces the risk of fire caused by incidental contact with live electrical equipment, increasing user safety. Fast evaporation. No rinsing or wiping required.

Technical Details

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) compliant in all 50 states
  • No flash or fire point
  • Rapid evaporation, leaves no residue
  • Chemically stable and non-conductive
  • NSF K2 registered for use in meat and poultry plants

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