Enthusiastic Tracking, The Step-by-Step Training Manual

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In tracking, a dog follows the scent left by a person walking through a field and finds one or more articles left along the way. Dogs have amazing scenting ability and love using their nose. As dogs develop their scenting ability and as handlers become adept at following their dog along a track, they join that special fraternity of tracking enthusiasts who experience the joy of completing an unknown track. The training method described here is a systematic technique that works for almost all dogs. It is a structured and careful method, leaving very little learning to chance. Because the dog must lead the handler down the track, motivational techniques are emphasized throughout the training process. The method prepares a dog and handler both for their first tracking test and the advanced TDX test. This training method is ideal for trainers who want a well laid-out plan that has a long history of success in training dogs to track. Throughout the book, you will find detailed descriptions of tracklayer and handler procedures as well as problem avoidance and problem solving techniques. A field ready map is included for each session to help the tracklayer lay the correct track for the dog.

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