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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

Users of FileMaker Pro 5.5 and 6.0 can view and modify their database files on Palm devices with FileMaker Mobile 2.0. It's not for novice Palm users, as it requires an intermediate level of comfort and familiarity with handheld systems, but once grasped the interface is clean, simple, and low maintenance. Installing and syncing files is quick, though the file-selection and syncing functions are separate and hard to find at first. Users will appreciate the easy access to most data records. Some types, such as multimedia, can't make the transition to handhelds, but contact information, history files, and practically anything text-based will cross over quickly. Sorting and retrieving records is painless, and changing records on the fly is almost as simple as using the desktop. Sadly, it's not yet possible to beam database information between Palm devices. FileMaker products have a deserved reputation for ease of use. The care that went into screen design in FileMaker Mobile 2.0 is obvious: nearly every pixel has a function, and the readability is unmatched. Though users can't build new databases or monkey with the deep structures of existing ones, those functions are best left to the more complete desktop package anyway. For data that just can't stay in one place, FileMaker Mobile 2.0 is the solution. --Rob Lightner

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