Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights Tint Vinyl Film, Self Adhesive (Medium 12”X72”, Frozen Light Blue)


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

Why is headlight protection so valuable ? It has been estimated that on average 1 out of every 6 automobiles will require headlight replacement due to damage from road debris. Replacing headlight components can be an expensive and time consuming process, the average headlamp set costs $450 to replace. Plastic headlights tend to dull and lose their transparency, glass headlights tend to break and fracture as they wear. what tools do I need for install headlight tint? Vinyl Squeegee (Credit Card /w cloth wrap will work) Soft Cloth Towel Spray Bottle with soapy water Hair Dryer or a Heat Gun How to Install Headlight and Tail Light Tint film? 1. Clean the surface of the Headlight or Tail light with soap and water to ensure all debris are removed from the surface of the Tail Light. 2. Carefully remove the Overlay from the sheet and spray the overlay's adhesive side with Soap and Water. The Soap and Water will prevent the Overlay's adhesive from sticking while you apply it the Tail Light. 3. Carefully apply/align the Overlay on the Tail Light and smooth out as much crease as possible by using your fingers. Use the vinyl squeegee to push out all the soapy water on the front face of the Tail Light. The more soapy water you push out the less bubbling there will be. Note: Make sure the crease are evenly distributed on the Overlay, therefore you can easily smooth it out with a heat Gun and Squeegee. 4. Carefully pull and fold the side inward. If necessary, use the hair dryer to soften up the vinyl and squeegee out all the crease. 5. Heat up the excess vinyl (heating up the vinyl will soften it and makes it easy to trim) and trim. Note: Don't worry if you over stretch the vinyl. Any excess vinyl protruding can be easily removed using a brand new exacto knife.

Technical Details

  • Stretchable with heat and water resistant
  • Self-adhesive, peel and stick
  • Easily cleansed with water and easy to remove without residual
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 12''X72''

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