Impossible is Nothing: My Fight to Live a Softball Dream

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Impossible is Nothing is the true story of Beth Northway, an elite college softball player who battles serious injury, painful rehabilitation and the doubts of others to achieve her dream in a final magical season. Along the way, she finds reservoirs of strength and perseverance she didn’t know existed. She carries coaches, teammates, family and friends into uncharted territories of loyalty, friendship and love. And on the eve of that final season, Beth finds peace in the realization that she is already living a dream, even if it’s not the one she set out to achieve so many years before. Beth’s is a story of unconventional triumph, appealing to aspiring young athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone else who will find inspiration in the spirit of an athlete who answers discouragement with proud defiance and a refusal to quit. It is also a behind-the-scenes look at the still emerging phenomenon of women’s sports, providing a glimpse of the passion that burns inside young women who aspire to compete at the highest level of their games. Most important of all, it is a story of a girl’s path to womanhood and the strength and resiliency she gains in preparation for life after sports.

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