Klezmer Pioneers: European and American Recordings 1905-1952


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This is the first modern studio recording of the klezmer music of Europe, performed with the original European instrumentation - first violin, cimbal (hammer dulcimer), sekund (contra-fiddle), and bass. Half of these compositions were recorded here for the first time. This CD features haunting instrumentals by the great klezmer composers of the 19th century, such as Mikhl Guzikow and Avram Moyshe Kholodenko. The Khevrisa ensemble is led by Steven Greenman (violin) and Zev Feldman (cimbal ), and includes some of the finest musicians of the contemporary klezmer revival - Alicia Svigals (sekund), Michael Alpert (sekund), and Stuart Brotman (bass). 36-page booklet contains extensive notes, bibliography, glossary. 70 minutes. "…It (Khevrisa: European Klezmer Music) is an essential album if one wants to understand where klezmer music comes from." -Jewish Herald Voice, Jewish Jukebox" "…The passion of Khevrisa shines through in impassioned playing that illuminates an otherwise underlit piece of the past." -Sonicnet.com

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