Oil-Dri I05000-G60 Quicksorb Fine Granular Clay Absorbent Bucket, 20 lbs


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as of 05/22/2024 (Details)

Made from the same high-quality material as our premium absorbent, Oil-Dri quick-sorb has been specially processed for greater absorption power. Smaller granules offer more surface area and allow Oil-Dri quick-sorb to absorb up to twice as much liquid per pound as conventional floor absorbents, so you can use half as much. Use on a variety of spills, including oil, grease and water. Issues that you might come across such as Potential safety hazards are present where leaks, drips, sprays or spills are most likely to occur. The solution is to develop a spill control plan with absorbent products readily available to control daily leaks and spills around your garage or plant to use in case of an emergency.

Technical Details

  • Versatile use for all non-aggressive fluids
  • Hold liquids in superior retention
  • Strong won't breakdown and turn to mud
  • Smaller granules more surface area equals quicker absorption
  • Low density more scoops per pound saves money

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