Slow Pitch Softball – More Than Just a Game

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What is the secret of life and what does softball have to do with it?! When William seeks his dad's advice, he is led on a marvelous journey that takes him to one important season in a lifetime of seasons for the adult recreation slow pitch softball team, the Willies. The stand-out league schedule includes pre-game festivities, game action, post-game barbeques and parties, all peppered with original song lyrics, softball-fare recipes, and some stuff you wish you just didn't know about your family. Players and friends fill the line-up card to take their cuts at retelling the complete team story. Like batters at the plate taking hacks against a junk-ball pitcher, readers will never guess the quirky directions the story takes them. But in the end, just like William, you'll find this is a tale of romance after all - a rollicking, nostalgic account of softball, family, and life. Slow Pitch Softball is more than just a game.

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