Dragon Legal Individual 15.0, Dictate Documents and Control your PC – all by Voice, [PC Disc]


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as of 05/18/2022 (Details)

Designed specifically for the legal industry, the all new Dragon Legal Individual, v15, a smarter next generation speech recognition solution for the PC empowers attorneys and other legal professionals to speed document turnaround and reduce transcription costs. Leveraging the latest Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations to help you achieve new levels of personalized productivity and accuracy. A specialized legal vocabulary trained using more than 400 million words from legal documents enables you to quickly create and format case files, contracts, or briefs all by voice. Powerful customization, fast, accurate transcription and automatic formatting of legal citations further boost efficiency so you spend more time on serving clients and growing your practice.

Technical Details

  • Trained using more than 400 million words from legal documents to deliver optimal recognition accuracy for dictation of legal terms right from the start
  • Expands the possibilities of speech recognition innovation with a next generation speech engine that delivers up to 99 percentage speech recognition accuracy
  • Easily learns acronyms, proper names and other unique or business specific phrases
  • Supports Nuance approved digital voice recorders and smartphones for advanced recording functionality and can automatically transcribe the audio files to text back at your PC
  • Sync with the new Dragon Anywhere Mobile solution that allows you to create and edit documents of any length by voice directly on your iOS and Android device

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