Library of Congress Civil War Stereo Card Collection


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

Images include: Lincoln, McClellan, Stonewall Jackson, Hancock, Gettysburg, Atlanta, Antietam, Washington DC, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg, Yorktown, Charleston, Ft. Sumter, and more! One of the most popular forms of photography during the Civil War was stereo photography (or what we would call 3D). This involved the use of cameras with two lenses to capture what the left and right eye would see. When viewed through a stereo viewer these images come to life. For the first time 685 Civil War stereo view cards (including a few duplicates) in the Library of Congress collection are brought together on one disk for viewing on your PC or Mac. Each image can be viewed as a: • Full size scan of the original card • Converted at full size to anaglyph (red/cyan 3D glasses provided) • Stereo pair (freeview) • Cross view • Additional notes made by the Library of Congress as well as notes from the back of the card (when available). Sytem Requirements: Windows PC/Apple Mac DVD player Internet Browser What you receive: DVD compatible with both PC/MAC More than 2000 images all at maximum size! Nearly 4Gb of data in all! 685 Anaglyphs for the PC (average size 2000 x 2000) 685 Stereo Pairs (average size 4000 x 2000) 685 Cross Views (average size 4000 x 2000) 685 original cards (average size 4800 x 2500)

Technical Details

  • 685 Civil War Stereo Cards
  • Formats included: Anaglyph, Stereo Pair, Cross eye
  • Additional notes from Library of Congress
  • Back of card (when available)

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