Moon Gas – Moog: The Electric Eclectics


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Holy Grail of Space-Age Jazz. Peak of Post-Orbital Delirium.Master keyboardist Dick Hyman collaborated with chanteuse Mary Mayo (Produced by Creed Taylor) to produce this astounding artefact of New-Frontier Pop. Recorded in early 1963 at the very height of Kennedy/Camelot euphoria, its propulsive otherworldly swing was crafted from a sublime melange of Hammond organ, Ondes Martenot, prepared guitar, oscillators and re-purposed door buzzers and kitchen appliances. Bathe in the helium highs of 'Moon Gas', prepare for blast-off with 'Space Reflex' - the future was never such a.gas! Remastered from the original tapes and presented with the entire Moog-tastic 1969 Hyman opus ""Moog - The Electric Eclectics"", exclusive liner notes and further extra tracks.Remastered from the original MGM/Command/MCA master tapes 2015. 23 track CD. All original recordings.20 page full colour booklet with exclusive liner notes and rare photos.First ever official reissue for Moon Gas! From the master tapes!2 entire LPs (plus 2 extra tracks) on CD!

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