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Videolink Pro quickly and cost-effectively turns any Macintosh into a videoconferencing station whether it's connected across the Internet or over a network. Easy to set up and even easier to use, the software takes advantage of the extensive multimedia capabilities of the Mac platform, as well as the functionality provided by QuickTime, to deliver high-quality audio and video. Based on the standard H.323 videoconferencing protocol, VideoLink Pro can connect you to other Windows videoconferencing products such as Microsoft NetMeeting, Intel Proshare Video, and WhitePine CUseeME Pro. Features include: Pause Control, to conveniently place a conference call on hold; Volume Control; Mic Control; Telephone Control, to connect or disconnect a call; Outbound Video Window, to preview outgoing video; LCD Document Window, with an audio frequency analyzer, elapsed time and convenient audio, chat and video connection status; Inbound Video Window, which allows three different image sizes; Chat Tray; and Favorites, a bin of easily accessible favorite connections which lets you double-click an entry to make a call.

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