ZipMagic 4.0


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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

ZipMagic 4.0 is a compression utility program that can shrink files up to 95 percent, thereby freeing up space on your hard drive and dramatically reducing the time spent sending large e-mail attachments. Easy to use and navigate, ZipMagic allows you to zip, unzip, e-mail, back up, and repair zip files, and more, with the wave of a wand. ZipMagic's patented technology makes your compressed zip files look and act like regular Windows folders, so instead of launching a separate utility to see what's inside a zip file, just open it like any other Windows folder. You can open, modify, and save documents within zip files as if they were regular files, since ZipMagic unzips and zips invisibly in the background. You can even run many programs from inside a zip file.

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